About Us

Hello everyone & thank you for taking the time to view our store!

We have a small home-based studio in gorgeous Bucks County PA, only a stones throw away from the Delaware River. All of your rings are handcrafted by me, one-by-one, in my little shop (usually in the wee hours of the night - as I do this AFTER my full time day job ha!).

I am blessed with a wonderful family! My wife Valarie and I have 3 little monsters: Lillian, Russell, and Ruby. They are great kids and keep us busy at ALL times!!

Wood Wedding Bands by Skyline Crafts was started after I decided to make a wood ring for our 5th Wedding Anniversary...

I manage an automotive salvage yard by day, am a retired race car driver, build hot rods, and enjoy hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. I've always been a hands on type of person, it was my wife & I's 5th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to make something special. The traditional gift for 5 years is a gift from wood. Well - she didn't need a birdhouse or a jewelry box, so I decided to make a wood ring. It was definitely a learning experience but after some trial & error I figured it out...and she LOVED it!

She was so thrilled with my gift to her, she suggested we try a few Art & Craft Shows because others would love my creation as well. So, I made a bunch of different styles, went to a few shows and did well. I enjoy making them, and I enjoy making things for someone!

There's always a story behind things: why they like certain materials, the reason for the ring, etc - and that's a huge plus to making these rings! Chatting with you guys and hearing your stories is a wonderful experience and I gain another friend during each sale, thank you!

So here we are... handcrafting unique rings, for unique people, out of unique materials - and loving every minute of it! Each is truly one of a kind like all of you!