Titanium & Buckeye Burl Ring. Wood and Titanium Ring. Resin Wood Ring. Wood Wedding Ring. Titanium Wedding Band. Satin Titanium Ring.

Buckeye Burl is known for its great burl patterns and smokey coloring. This particular burl has been stabilized and then pressure cast with this amazing sky blue/teal resin to create this amazing material to work with (This particular ring has some purple coloring in the wood, others will have smokey gray mixed in as well). Like all of our rings, it has been meticulously handcrafted one by one, and no two rings will ever be identical.

There are two rings in the listing photos to help show variations that occur. If you'd like to request "more" or "less" purple please let me know - and although there are no 'guarantees', I can absolutely do my best to accommodate :-)

*Please Note: All of our rings are handcrafted one by one to your specifications. Because of the amount of time spent on each ring, please be sure to visit a reputable jeweler to be sized using a ring sizer in the same width you'd like to order (wider rings will fit tighter than narrow rings & vice versa). All of our rings with the wood on the interior are Comfort Fit.

We welcome custom requests & orders! If you do not see something in our shop that 100% satisfies you, let us know - we'd be honored to work one-on-one with you to create the piece of artisan wood jewelry you're looking for!!

All rings are shipped with a microfiber cloth enclosed in a small wood box.

Materials: Titanium,Hypoallergenic Titanium,Buckeye,Buckeye Burl,Resin,Blue Resin,Teal Resin,Purple,Waterproof

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